Individuals from all over Senate District 1 support Brian Dahle for State Senator. Find out who they are and what they are saying!

We Support Brian Dahle


Public Safety 

California Professional Firefighters

California State Firefighters Association

Cal Fire Firefighters Local 2881

Redding Firefighters 

Sacramento Area Firefighters

Nevada County Professional Firefighters

California Highway Patrolmen Association

Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)

California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA)

Crime Victims United


County Sheriffs

Dean Growdon, Lassen County

Tex Dowdy, Modoc County

Keith Royal, Nevada County (ret)

Greg Hagwood, Plumas County

Mike Fisher, Sierra County

Jon Lopey, Siskiyou County

Tom Bosenko, Shasta County


Agriculture Industry 

California Farm Bureau Federation

California Cattlemen’s Association

Shasta County Farm Bureau

Siskiyou County Farm Bureau

Modoc County Farm Bureau

Lassen County Farm Bureau

Nevada County Farm Bureau

Lassen County Cattlemen's Association


Taxpayer Organizations

California Republican Taxpayers Association

National Tax Limitation Committee



Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

California Association of Realtors



Shasta Builders’ Exchange

Contractors’ Association of Truckee Tahoe



Plumas District Hospital

Modoc Medical Center

Seneca Healthcare District

Mayers Memorial Hospital District


Republican County Parties

Shasta County Republican Party

Modoc County Republican Party


Republican Leaders

Rex Hime – Republican primary candidate SD 1

Ted Dzuiba – Republican primary candidate in SD 1

Marie Waldron, Assembly Republican Leader

Jim Brulte, California Republican Party Chairman (ret.)

Michael Schroeder, California Republican Party Chairman (ret.)

Ron Nehring, California Republican Party Chairman (ret.)

Frank Visco, California Republican party Chairman (ret.)

Leah West, Plumas Republican Party Chair

Tirso Del Junco, Former GOP Party Chairman

Tim Titus, Former Butte Republican Chairman

Cliff Wagner, Former Butte Republican Chairman

Josh Cook, Former Sec CA Rep Chairman’s Assoc

Steve Thompson, Former Butte Rep Chairman

Robinette Cook, Butte County Rep Party Vice-Chair

Jalene Forbis, Former CA Rep Party Sec



Assemblyman James Gallagher

Assemblyman Chad Mayes

Assembly Republican Floor Leader Heath Flora

Assembly Republican Whip Phil Chen

Assemblyman Devon Mathis

Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron

Senator Anthony Cannella (ret)

Senator Maurice Johannessen (ret)


Alpine County Supervisors

Terry Woodrow


Lassen County Supervisors

Jeff Hemphill

Aaron Albaugh

Chris Gallagher

David Teeter

Tom Hammond


Modoc County Supervisors

Elizabeth Cavasso

Patricia Cullins

Geri Byrne

Kathie Rhoads

Ned Coe

Jim Wills (ret)


Nevada County Supervisors

Dan Miller

Ed Scofield

Sue Hoek

Hank Weston (ret)


Placer County Supervisors

Robert Weygandt

Jim Holmes

Cindy Gustafson

Kirk Uhler 


Plumas County Supervisors

Sherrie Thrall

Michael Sanchez

Kevin Goss


Shasta County Supervisors

Leonard Moty

Les Baugh

Steve Morgan

Mary Rickert

Joe Chimenti

Trish Clarke (ret)

Glenn Hawes (ret)


Sierra County Supervisors

Lee Adams

Peter Huebner

Paul Roen


Siskiyou County Supervisors

Ed Valenzuela

Michael Kobseff

Ray Haupt

Lisa Nixon

Brandon Criss


Community Leaders

Bill Halldin, Rocklin City Councilmember

Julie Winters, Redding Mayor

Michael Zuccolillo, Paradise Town Councilmember

Jan Arbuckle, Grass Valley City Councilmember

Ben Aguilar, Grass Valley City Councilmember 

Sue Horne, Nevada County Assessor

Patrick Wallner, Shasta District Fair Board Dir

John Blacklock, Silver Dollar Fair Board Director

Mike Dahl, Former Redding Mayor

Brett Storey, former Rocklin Mayor

Richard Kern, Shasta Lake City Councilmember

Jim Chapman, Former Susanville Mayor

Matt Freidman, Center Joint Unified School Board


Other County Supervisors

Doug Teeter, Butte County Supervisor

Steve Lambert, Butte County Supervisor

Bill Connelly, Butte County Supervisor

Andy Vasquez, Yuba County Supervisor